Children’s Vision Testing

Being mothers themselves, all of our optometrists understand the importance in children’s vision testing. With a keen interest in diagnosing and assessing their eyes or any learning related problem, we test children in a nurturing, caring and fun environment.


Children’s Vision Testing

As all of our optometrists are mothers themselves, Valery, Liza and Julia understand the importance of children’s vision testing and of testing in a nurturing, caring and fun environment.

Vision is often considered the most important sense when it comes to learning; and more than 80% of all school tasks are based on vision. Vision is the key to a child’s whole development. Not only school achievement, but also personality, posture and adjustment to life are closely integrated with vision development.

Comprehensive vision assessment for children involves testing and evaluating:
• Distance and near visual acuity
• health of the eye and clarity of vision
• Binocular eye movements
• Coordination stereopsis (ability to see 3d)
• Colour vision
• Accommodation and convergence (focusing skills)

Regular children’s vision assessments are very important for early detection and treatment of eye problems. These include; turned eye (strabismus), amblyopia (lazy eye), high prescriptions and focusing ability. All these conditions can hinder the child’s visual development, performance at school and their confidence to interpret their environment.