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Searching for an “optometrist near me”? Eyedentity offer all the services Malvern East customers need to enjoy optimal eye health. Established in 2003, we’re a close-knit team of clinicians, providing friendly, attentive service to all our customers, year after year.
As a proud community member, we have completed a range of charity work, with such organisations as Fitted for Work, #itsinthebag, and Share the Dignity, to name a few.
If you’re looking for fashionable glasses’ frames, visit our clinic to check out our great range. All our eyewear comes with a comprehensive warranty and a lifetime of free servicing. For your local, quality optometrist near Malvern East, contact Eyedentity.

Eye Care Services

At Eyedentity, we pride ourselves on offering a range of optometry services, including eye examinations; contact lens fitting, instruction and aftercare; glaucoma treatment and treatment for cataracts and diabetes-related eye diseases.
Our examination suite uses the best in new technical equipment available to the optometrical profession, to diagnose your condition accurately and prescribe or administer the best course of therapy.
We house on site facilities to complete a visual-field examination for patients with dysfunction in their central and peripheral vision.

Eye Tests Malvern East

Regular eye tests are important for your child’s eye health. Their personal growth, learning and development depends on optimal visual perception. This is why it is important to periodically book your child in for an eye test, especially at certain key stages of the child’s maturation.
If you’re unsure, why not give our clinic a call? For friendly advice on your child’s next eye test, contact Eyedentity today. We offer eye tests near Malvern East, for your convenience.

Top Products

Eyedentity stock a great range of fashionable eyewear brands in a range of styles and colours. You can visit the clinic today to try on the frames and see what works for you.

Contact Lenses Malvern East

Contact lenses are an inconspicuous alternative to traditional glasses and frames, allowing the wearer to feel confident in their day-to-day life. Have your vision corrected without obscuring your face with glasses.
Contact lens technology has improved greatly in recent decades. With modern contact lenses, your eyes will stay moister for longer, to ensure comfort during use. To have contact lenses fitted Malvern East customers can visit Eyedentity.

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